Writing Thesis/Dissertation: Referencing Tools

Referencing is a crucial part of any thesis/dissertation. We all know that. Depending on the review authority you are submitting you paper to, references may actually differ in style.

While many universities are fairly liberal on their students approach to follow any of the conventional style like harvard or ieee numeric referencing styles, many faculties or institutions actually put a guide to use any one type of references (which I hope, is to uniform the quality of the structure of all reports).

It is almost a certain issue where a student (specially bachelors) gets stuck on how to start referencing? In my university days, I have seen classmates and other fellow students using a range of tools, applications and softwares to ease the task of referencing.

In old days, possibly when all these tough tasks (report writing, dissertaiton etc) were invented, people used to write the references manually. I believe all will agree that, it is a pain staking task to do the referencing.

In Microsoft Office 2007, microsoft brought a new feature of Referencing. I am saying new, may be it existed before, never seen it!

Within the general view of Microsoft Office Word 2007, If you look at the menue list, you will find References Tab, within which, you will find “Citation & Bibliography” block. There you can enter new sources by going to “Manage Sources” and using the dialogue box like the one below:

One a complete entry is made, the software will automatically make it look like the insertion, as below:

It’s worth noticing that, the above entry is not complete harvard style. Then what is it? Ideally, the Microsoft Word 2007 helps you to gather the information and then arange them. For your interest , by default there are some styles like “APA, Chicago, GB7714,GOST -Name Sort”. These styles are customisable and you can even create new styles. Although these styling works require certain skills, you can actually use ready made styles available from internet.

I will write “How to” on that, in my next blog tomorrow.


Just as it happens , tomorrow never comes.

Here is a good link that can help readers : http://bibword.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Styles&referringTitle=Home

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