Why Open Source Makes Sense: Scientifically Proven

Few minutes ago , I got a link to this blog . An outstanding animation on an MIT social experiment, where sociologist found a bizarre pattern when it came to work and incentives.

I am posting this here, because I get lots of questions from my friends and colleagues asking the suitability of  Opensource movement. In recent years, one guy in my country attempted to establish officially that “Opensource and Free softwares will ruin thirdworld country’s youth future in software business”. Needless to say, such attempts are often fruitless, but, when a third world country is in question, many things can happen!

Anyways, this animation illustrates some core reasons of the success of the amazing open source projects we are now coming across everyday. From Linux to Wikipedia to Open Street Map, all these projects symbolises ourvery human nature.

Enjoy the clip & learn!

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