TV, Sony, Intel & Finally Google

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I got a friend who used to say “Sony is my family brand!” LoLz! They actually got most of their electronics goods from SONY, let it be TV,radio, whatever! I am getting a feeling, soon we all going to live in a “Google Life”. This morning when I opened my broswer to googled(!) ‘google’ , the search-master, showed me a link to about 177 articles about “Google’s new venture into home entertainment.”

Few years back when the first news broke out about Big G’s interest in Mobile devices market, many of us were “not-so-sure” about the prospect, till then Symbian was the power if not Blackberry and few others. In today’s market, Apple got AppleTV, there is also TiVO, Microsoft Mediaroom and several other television or tele-cast technologies which goes through

our living rooms.

Last year one of my colleagues bought a new 45inch television with huge collection of interactivity. He was very glad, I was glad too while I was there. Many houses in the country is now using interactive TVs. So, what’s google going to bring on? From my last couple of hours study over the news articles and reviews, I can say that, once again, it is not google who is coming into the hardware market, rather, google is joining forces with two major candidates in the industry, chip-giant Intel & electronics product giant SONY. If google provides the software backup I am eager to see how far this can go? What could be in these machines? Let’s wait till the first release of this devices!!

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