In bioinformatics FASTA format is a text-based file format to store and present nucleotide/peptide sequences. Used as preferred method for communicating sequences between projects, this format also allows for sequence names and comments to be included in header section.

While the format was originated from William Pearson’s FASTA software package, in recent years, it has become one of the key file formats used in Bioinformatics. Due to the nature of projects, in many cases, to store information from FASTA file into a RDBMS, it is handy to convert *.fasta into *.csv format.

For my projects, while searching the net I found a number of solutions suggested by research community around the world. Here I am providing a collection  together with my own solution.

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Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years!

I could have started my new blog on a new domain with anything new! Instead, I have decided to partially copy & paste a very popular and nearly 10 year old blog by ” Peter Norvig “. I liked this blog and the comments made by Peter are sadly true even after 9 years of its publication. In recent days, I too, had severe problems with younger programming enthusiasts as well as (a few) veterans (mostly academians) who expect youngers (students) to grasp all about programming , literally overnight. My request to you is, please read and try to understand the blog here. Hurting no one, here is a little excerpt from Peter’s Blog : Continue reading “Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years!”