Bangla on Android : Easier Solution

Lately I have received several queries from my reader on my previous tips on how to read bangla (বাংলা) system wide on Android phones. Many complained it is not working or working partially. Now, here in this post I am giving a very short way to read bangla on android regardless which version or handset you are using. In fairness it should work on other platforms too. Continue reading “Bangla on Android : Easier Solution”

Froyo & Wifi Hotspot!

FroyoThe timing couldn’t have been any better. On wednesday afternoon I got a system update message from T-mobile and upgraded my android OS from 2.1 Eclair to 2.2 Froyo! I knew from the reviews and forum discussions on the net, that this is going to bring some new features; so, was waiting eagerly for T-mobile to pass the upgrade.

The biggest news for me was that of “Portable Wi-Fi HotSpot”. I was amused to realise the thought that, from now, I can use the mobile internet on my PC without actually pluging-in anything (O god! I hate USB ports). But, fate had something else waiting for me. Continue reading “Froyo & Wifi Hotspot!”

TV, Sony, Intel & Finally Google

android logo

I got a friend who used to say “Sony is my family brand!” LoLz! They actually got most of their electronics goods from SONY, let it be TV,radio, whatever! I am getting a feeling, soon we all going to live in a “Google Life”. This morning when I opened my broswer to googled(!) ‘google’ , the search-master, showed me a link to about 177 articles about “Google’s new venture into home entertainment.”

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Bengali (বাংলা) Fonts on Android 1.6

Being a native Bengali (বাংলা) speaker, I feel a drive towards Bengali computing. So, when I got my first android handset, I was out there to find a way to install bengali fonts on android 1.0 . I posted a message on google group too.  Unfortunately, there was no positive response, one reason of which could be, android was mainly launched in Europe and Americas, not Bengali speaking countries. Anyways, this week again, after upgrading my G1 to CyanogenMod I gave another try on the net and solved the issue. Here is how:

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