Eco-Friendly Paperwork : Infix PDF Editor

Infix LogoIn recent years, with almost every organisation being concious about their carbon-footprint and cost-cutting measures, it has been a rising trend to use e-paperworks throughout large organisations. Whilst this serves them (corporate giants) pretty well in both contexts (eco and finance), it is often the end-user, who are likely to be in a fix.

For example, few weeks back when I was looking to complete an application form for a permit, the Government agency website supplied me with a PDF form. I was supposed to print it off complete it and send it back. Now, how many times have you completed a form at one go? Generally speaking, the most serious person too makes odd mistakes and need to print the form/page again. So, being lazy enough I was looking for an editor. Previously, I had Adobe® Acrobat® X Pro in my office pc, but for some reason they removed it. I had only option left, either to buy a copy of the software or to go the old way! Continue reading “Eco-Friendly Paperwork : Infix PDF Editor”