Remote uploading & Extraction of CMS files

Every now and then, I get requests from friends to upload different CMS of their choice to their server(s). Those who trust me, gives me their password and I do the honour by uploading. Now, there is this problem, popular CMSs , whether it is Joomla or WordPress or phpBB are showing the obesity trend now a days. The packed zip/tar/gz files are getting bigger in size. Meaning, I will have to download the zip and then unzip and upload to the server. Needlessly to say, most of the cheap shared hosts does not come with Shell access. So, I thought of giving a very simple script of much used and familiar commands to remotely download a package to the server and then automatically extract it.It’s not rocket science and it’s nothing new, but for those outthere who are new to the arena, this could be a life saver.

So, how we do it?

Step 1 : Open a text file and write

  $foo = system('wget
Step 2 : After wget give a space and put your direct download link of the CMS package. In my case, for Joomla 1.6

  $foo = system('wget

Once you done that, close the wget part


  $foo = system('wget ~',$output);

what the above part will do it, download the package from the developer’s server and store it at the same location as this script.

Step 3 : Now that we got the CMS on our server as zipped file, we need to unzip it. So, add the following line

  $foo = system('wget ~',$output);    system('unzip');

Please note, after unzip I have used the same zipped file name that we have just downloaded.

So the complete 2 line script is:


  $foo = system('wget ~',$output);

Instructions to use:

  • Change the source link and zip file name to suit your need.
  • Then put the file on your server root or any designated folder.
  • Change the folder permission to 777 using CHMOD
  • Now, call the file

Apart from CMS, this tiny script can be used for server-to-server single file transfer.


2 Replies to “Remote uploading & Extraction of CMS files”

  1. Good trick, but most of the time it won’t work. Almost every shared host doesn’t allow functions like system() and exec().

    Another working trick is “Cron Job” 🙂

    1. Possibly you are right. However, this works on Mediatemple, Siteground, Godaddy. I did not use others in last few years, so cannot gurantee it would work.

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