On the question of GM Food

Consumers today are more aware of the product they purchase than ever before. Thanks to many social activist groups and anti-GMO campaigners, increasing amount of shoppers are aware of “genetically modified organisms” (read GM Food) and are more inclined to purchase organic (!!!) food. For long, the debate of organic vs GMO has puzzled me. Recently,  I found this astounding talk (from 2013) by Prof. Jimmy Botella on the question of GM Food. 

Green Grapes ( GM Food??)
Green Grapes with QR Codes

Interestingly, he does not try any defensive or offensive strategy on the topic. Rather, he nicely puts to us, what are otherwise, plain simple truth.That obviously, without the concluding remarks where he jokes with the following:

Vegetarians are the most inhuman people in the universe, if you look at it from the point of view of a tomato.Look, a goat can run away from you. A cow can kick you, when you try to kill it. So you don’t have a steak.But a tomato… It’s just growing. He can’t run away from you. And you don’t even kill it.You eat it alive. Come on!

Jokes apart, in the recent outburst of anti-GM food campaigns, I recommend the talk to everyone who sits on either side of the table in this debate.

The video: Waiter, there is a gene in my soup!

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