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17th November, 1999, The UNESCO announced 21st February as “International Mother Langugae Day”. Since then, this day is being observed all over the world! This week,  UN launches new initiative to promote multilingualism.

One of the biggest concern is that:

The film explores the world’s linguistic diversity, especially in light of the fact that half of the world’s approximately 6,500 languages will disappear by the end of the century – currently, at least one language is disappearing every 14 days.

Many of these languages are dying because no one is speaking in them or they are simply not practised. But, a better news is, in recent years there has been a trend of localising softwares and web applications in various languages .

Whether it’s the recent heartthrob free debian linux distro Ubuntu or the cool browser Firefox or even the commercial operating system Microsoft Windows , all are now available in more and more languages.

Unfortunately, the process of translation is not very easy as it never was. But, yet, there is one big thing which we can always hope for , that’s a perfect translation tool.

Recent years saw operating systems like Ubuntu being translated in different languages using launchpad as a platform. Developers and translators were hoping for a open-source and free platform for translating other non commercial open-source softwares.

Finally this year, GlotPress was added to the product list of AUTOMATIC, the firm that brought WordPress. Still in its early stage, GlotPress is available for developers and translators as subversion.

According to the developers,

GlotPress will let you, or an entire team, to translate their favourite software. It is web-based and open-source.

Here is what makes GlotPress special:

  • Totally usable. Not less than a desktop client. Keyboard only editing, shortcuts.
  • Very small and simple, but infinitely extensible. Just like WordPress.
  • Perfect for team collaboration.
  • Easing comin’, easy goin’. Import and export gettext files. API to be sure everything is in sync.

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