Froyo & Wifi Hotspot!

FroyoThe timing couldn’t have been any better. On wednesday afternoon I got a system update message from T-mobile and upgraded my android OS from 2.1 Eclair to 2.2 Froyo! I knew from the reviews and forum discussions on the net, that this is going to bring some new features; so, was waiting eagerly for T-mobile to pass the upgrade.

The biggest news for me was that of “Portable Wi-Fi HotSpot”. I was amused to realise the thought that, from now, I can use the mobile internet on my PC without actually pluging-in anything (O god! I hate USB ports). But, fate had something else waiting for me. Just within 72 hours of this upgrade completed, my housemate being furious with Virgin Media’s customer services, cancelled his broadband internet connection at home. Being data-hungry, creatures fed by Internet, remaining 3 of us, inclusive of the housemate were lost of thoughts. Moreover, it was weekend and Saturday late-afternoon, when this fabulous incident took place. So, no-hope for a quick new connection. Now, my Froyo came handy. Using my HTC Desire (Bravo) from T-mobile, last 18 hours 3 of us are using internet using 2 Laptops and 1 desktop.

However, I have found some Pro’s & Con’s.


1. It’s mobile! Wireless!

2.More than 1 user can use at a time.

3. You can use Wi-fi scanner to find less Crowdy channel and then broadcast.

4. You can Specify users either by KEY and/or by access restriction.

5. HTC Desire (Bravo) gives a good broadcast range of 10metres within a house.


1. Using mobile network for Desktop internet could be expensive , if you don’t have “Truly” unlimited internet.

2. If there is a phone call coming in or going out, often your “Computers” won’t get the page loading (though the WIFI signal will be in full strength).

But, I like this new feature and I’m sure people would love this as it gets improved.

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