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Infix LogoIn recent years, with almost every organisation being concious about their carbon-footprint and cost-cutting measures, it has been a rising trend to use e-paperworks throughout large organisations. Whilst this serves them (corporate giants) pretty well in both contexts (eco and finance), it is often the end-user, who are likely to be in a fix.

For example, few weeks back when I was looking to complete an application form for a permit, the Government agency website supplied me with a PDF form. I was supposed to print it off complete it and send it back. Now, how many times have you completed a form at one go? Generally speaking, the most serious person too makes odd mistakes and need to print the form/page again. So, being lazy enough I was looking for an editor. Previously, I had Adobe® Acrobat® X Pro in my office pc, but for some reason they removed it. I had only option left, either to buy a copy of the software or to go the old way!

Now, I have absolutely no intention of spending US $449.00 for a product that keeps changing its version, have a very large footprint and on which the next feature is just few hundred $$ more. A friend introduced me to Infix® PDF editor, downloaded the trial, I downloaded it. Used it. It was truly amazing. Before, I was  a fan of Adobe® Acrobat® X Pro for its great ability in ‘form conversion’, but Infix®’s word-processor-like editing ability impressed me even more.

With Infix PDF Editor you can use functionalities like rulers, tabs, search and replace and spell checking. Its ability to do OCR and styling is unique. In my short venture of finding PDF Editors, I did not find another tool of such calibre.

While I am not against Adobe® Acrobat® X Pro, it is a good product, slightly overpriced though. But, if I get a product with superior quality at much affordable price, why shouldn’t I use it?

You might as well want to give a try: Infix PDF editor


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