Do you know when ‘that’ page was last updated?

In recent days, I have learned and used some very easy but useful tips! Some of us may recall such tips as esiest ever! Howver, these easy stuffs are not always easy to find. This series is about these tips.

It was not long ago when the recent trend of “writing blogs on anything” or “making yet another dynamic site” came to existence.

In recent past and even today, many good and kind lecturers around the globe prepared (&prepares) learning materials on many important basic/non-basic topics. Some of them, even after all these days, gets used by some students who wish to bypass Books!

However, when you are writing a report and need to refer to those pages,  often you actually want to know when was the last time the page was written or updated.

Here is a QuickTip on that.

Open the STATIC webpage with a browser. When you are on the page, type the following into the address bar.  Hit enter.


Caution: This only works properly for static sites. Dynamic sites often makes query to the database in real time and thus for dynamic sites (i.e. blogs) it will show current time.