Bangla Input Script as jQuery Plugin

Past Story:

About 6 months back a legal action commenced between two IT initiatives in Bangladesh. On one side there was a business firm and other end some boys working willingly as a charity to Bangla computing. If we’d follow the international trend, usually those boys were supposed to fight for their right (like many start-up companies do against giants). But, here, the copyright infringement complaint was brought to light by a powerful IT firm in the country. Continue reading “Bangla Input Script as jQuery Plugin”

Writing Thesis/Dissertation: Referencing Tools

Referencing is a crucial part of any thesis/dissertation. We all know that. Depending on the review authority you are submitting you paper to, references may actually differ in style.

While many universities are fairly liberal on their students approach to follow any of the conventional style like harvard or ieee numeric referencing styles, many faculties or institutions actually put a guide to use any one type of references (which I hope, is to uniform the quality of the structure of all reports). Continue reading “Writing Thesis/Dissertation: Referencing Tools”