Bengali (বাংলা) Fonts on Android 1.6

Being a native Bengali (বাংলা) speaker, I feel a drive towards Bengali computing. So, when I got my first android handset, I was out there to find a way to install bengali fonts on android 1.0 . I posted a message on google group too.  Unfortunately, there was no positive response, one reason of which could be, android was mainly launched in Europe and Americas, not Bengali speaking countries. Anyways, this week again, after upgrading my G1 to CyanogenMod I gave another try on the net and solved the issue. Here is how:

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Let’s start again!

On various domains and various platforms, I have blogged. Blogged for quite some time now. Don’t know why, I felt like starting all over again! Possibly from what I learnt over the years, I realised , I needed a reboot!

So, here I go, on the day of registering my domain with part of my real name to it, I am starting all over again!