The arrival of autonomous robot mom : Another step towards the Sci-Fi reality?

Self-development and resulting improvement of the species have long been at the core of human activities. Interestingly, such traits are somewhat familiar in all areas of animal kingdom. One of the greatest attributes of intelligent animals is that of “adaptation”.  We, humans can adapt, and so can many other species. Imagine some robots adapting to the environment or job requirements. Continue reading “The arrival of autonomous robot mom : Another step towards the Sci-Fi reality?”

Words, need more words! But, precise ones!

Right now, I am busy writing my dissertation! Yes, dissertation, that same scary collection of elephantine chunks of words , covering a particular topic or area of research. Days and nights all are same now-a- days. Feels like as if I am a corporate executive who works following watch, not the day light!

So far, I have covered discussion on principles, technical considerations. Yet to produce the reports on decision analysis. Already my fingers are getting heavy, brains are boiling, gaseous stomach trying to revolt, eyes getting more red and me, as always getting mad at random things! Tragedy is, only a week after the viva on dissertaion, I got my degree final exams coming.

Who knows what’s waiting at the end of this blond tunnel.

Wish i could be like Doctor Who, travel in time, see the future and come back!

TV, Sony, Intel & Finally Google

android logo

I got a friend who used to say “Sony is my family brand!” LoLz! They actually got most of their electronics goods from SONY, let it be TV,radio, whatever! I am getting a feeling, soon we all going to live in a “Google Life”. This morning when I opened my broswer to googled(!) ‘google’ , the search-master, showed me a link to about 177 articles about “Google’s new venture into home entertainment.”

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