Recitations from “The Madman” by “Kahlil Gibran”

“The Madman” is one of my most favourite books I ever read. Here I share a video from YouTube, where the narrator reads from the book,  first published in 1918, almost a century ago [Gibran, 1918].

In this timeless piece, what I like most is Gibran’s attempts to shrug-off the superficial, ornate, pretentious self and the drive to embrace the true Self. Continue reading “Recitations from “The Madman” by “Kahlil Gibran””

Comparison of Profession: Web World

I have been developing websites and forks for CMSs for quite some time now. May not be the busiest bee but, surely among the bee. In my early days in web-world, a frequent question I faced “Are you a developer or designer?”. Barely I knew the answer back then, with time I realised my weakness towards development. Since then I always wanted to know the real difference in lifestyle of these two species (which I could not portray since I was never 100% devoted). So, when today, I find the info-graphic by Shane Snow of, I feel to share. Below is the analysis you may find funny/interesting/crazy/un-necessary. Continue reading “Comparison of Profession: Web World”

Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years!

I could have started my new blog on a new domain with anything new! Instead, I have decided to partially copy & paste a very popular and nearly 10 year old blog by ” Peter Norvig “. I liked this blog and the comments made by Peter are sadly true even after 9 years of its publication. In recent days, I too, had severe problems with younger programming enthusiasts as well as (a few) veterans (mostly academians) who expect youngers (students) to grasp all about programming , literally overnight. My request to you is, please read and try to understand the blog here. Hurting no one, here is a little excerpt from Peter’s Blog : Continue reading “Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years!”