Science-v0.1 : An Early Adopters Release :)

There was a time when the term “scientist” carried an image of a senior person with glasses and lab coat working in a lab with some apparatus. Misleading it was, but at least that’s what our children’s story books, TV-cartoon, popular media had been teaching our youngsters (you may recall Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown, Ph.D.).

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In bioinformatics FASTA format is a text-based file format to store and present nucleotide/peptide sequences. Used as preferred method for communicating sequences between projects, this format also allows for sequence names and comments to be included in header section.

While the format was originated from William Pearson’s FASTA software package, in recent years, it has become one of the key file formats used in Bioinformatics. Due to the nature of projects, in many cases, to store information from FASTA file into a RDBMS, it is handy to convert *.fasta into *.csv format.

For my projects, while searching the net I found a number of solutions suggested by research community around the world. Here I am providing a collection  together with my own solution.

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