Bangla on Android : Easier Solution

Lately I have received several queries from my reader on my previous tips on how to read bangla (বাংলা) system wide on Android phones. Many complained it is not working or working partially. Now, here in this post I am giving a very short way to read bangla on android regardless which version or handset you are using. In fairness it should work on other platforms too.

Now how we do it? Before we even begin, let me tell you, this is only for viewing bangla on the phone, you cannot copy/select/edit/write. This technique employs bitmap conversion on Opera Browser.

Step 1: Open Market
Step 2: Search for "Opera mini"
Step 3: Install it the normal way
Step 4: Run the software once installed, let it finish the loading
Step 5: At the address bar, remove "www." and type about:config , press enter
Step 6: You will see the "Power-user Settings page"
Step 7: Do not alter anything, unless you really know what you are doing.
Step 8: Scroll down, find option saying 'Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts'
Step 9: Select YES
Step 9: Save and restart browser.

Once reloaded, open and you can read bangla now. Remember it may take little extra time depending on the processor and meory available on your phone (as well as the network speed).

In this method, the browser presents each character as a different image.

Hope that will help many of you.

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    1. পুরাতন হলে কি হবে, যারা নতুনটায় সুবিধা করতে পারছেন না তাদের জন্য। যারা আপনার মত অভিজ্ঞ বা পুরাতন তাদের জন্য এটা নয়। আপনাদের জন্য নতুন উপায়। বলবেন না যেন, “কাজ হয় না”।

  1. Mehedi Bahi,
    Salam. I have bought a ‘Samsung Galaxy Tab’ on the first day of this year but could not be very happy as despite trying a lot I failed to read any Bangla neither in browser nor in a ‘Copy-Pest’ word document.

    I could only read Bangla at some Photograph format PDF in my newly bought devise whereas I don’t have any problem to read my beloved Bangla in my iPhone.

    However, by trying the above process finally, after 20 days I am so happy to see Bangla font in a browser in my Samsung Tab (GT-P1000). I don’t know yet whether it will work with all Bangla Unicode Web Browser or not.

    I will check & will write back.

    Many many many thanks to you, Mehedi Bhai.

    Romford, UK
    21 January 2011

    1. পদ্ধতিটি পুরনো কিন্তু নতুন করে একজন বাংলাভাষী এনড্রয়েডে বাংলা পড়তে পারছেন জেনে খুবই ভালো লাগছে।

  2. হ্যাঁ, মেহেদি ভাই,
    আমি অন্যান্য বাংলা পত্রিকাও পড়তে পেরেছি Samsung Galaxy Tab-এ Opera Browser use করে। এমনকি FaceBook-এ আমার বাংলা লেখাগুলোও বাংলায় দেখতে পেয়েছি।

    তবে Google Search-এ bangla in Android লিখলে সর্বপ্রথম আপনার নেন্মোক্ত যে advise & process-টি আসে তা আমি কোনোভাবেই কার্যকরী করতে পারিনি Root Explorer নামে Android Marker-এর আপাতঃ দৃষ্টিতে best App-টি কেনা সত্বেও!

    In fact, point number 4 থেকে আমি আর কিছুই বুঝিনি। অনুগ্রহ করে একটু ব্যাখ্যা করে বলবেন কি what does ‘terminal’ mean in an Android Devise & where & how to write ‘su’??

    With many thanks.

    লন্ডন, ইউ.কে.

  3. How about Bangla font in Google Browser?
    How can read Ittefaq or any other Bangla news papaer on my Samsung Vibrant Google Browser?

  4. Thanks Mr. Mehedi

    Now I can read the Bangla Newspaper on my Samsung Galaxy Tab by your help.
    Can you tell me the way of bangla typing on think free office in galaxy tab?
    Thanks Once Again.

  5. Mehedy Bhai,

    I am using Android 2.2.1 on my HTC wildfire A3333 phone. I can read Bengali in Opera, but unable to do the same in Internet Explorer. I also use Facebook for my wildfire but can never see the Bengali post of my friends.

    Few months ago I tried to load Bengali font in my android system using Terminal Emulator. However, it was unsuccessful.

    Is there anyway to use Bengali in the android system or at least in my Facebook?

    Please let me know.

    With best regards


  6. hi Mehedi, I read ur post and really i m very thankful to u. can you please tell me how can i read bangla sms in my android (Samsung Galaxy) phone. one friend sent me a bangla sms but it did not appeared just some blocks.please help me.

  7. Thanks Mehedi bhai,

    Any easier solution avaliable for Android default(google) browser to read prothom alo like opera mini.


    1. I am sorry to say the answer is “no”. This solution is easy only because it works on OPERA. for hard way you may try my other solution which worked perfectly on 1.6 and 2.1

  8. ধন্যবাদ মেহেদি ভাই, HTC D HD কেনার পর থেকে প্রচুর চেস্টা করছিলাম বাংলা পড়ার জন্ন্য,আপনার দেখান পথে শেস পর্‍্যন্ত তা হল।

  9. ধন্যবাদ মেহেদি ভাই, আম্নার এই পথে কি অপেরা মোবাইল ব্রাউজার এ কাজ করবে>

  10. ধন্যবাদ ভাই। কিনতু আপনি কি জানেন কিভাবে টাইপ করতে হয় বাংলায়?

  11. Even though i followed your instruction, i couldn’t read bangla at galaxy tab 10.1. i can not even read bangla in my facebook. but i can read image. please help me out.

  12. android এর জন্য বাংলা লিখার একটা software আছে। অনেকটা ডেস্কটপের অভ্রর মত। ইংলিশ লিখলে বাংলা হয়ে যাবে। মায়াবী নাম। android market এ পাওয়া যাবে।

  13. আপনাকে ধন্যবাদ। আমি প্রথম চেস্টাতেই সফল। এখন ওপেরা তে প্রথম আলো পড়তে কোনো সমস্যা হছেনা।

  14. dear mehedi bhai

    i did everything i have a samsung galaxy mini s-5570 (2.2.1 fryo) i rooted it opened the root copied the solaimani font but past operation always fails in the systemfonts or systemlib pls help. is it due to r/w permission if so where can i edit permission for that?

    1. Dear Mr. Reza,

      First of all, I must admit that, I do not have the slightest idea about Samsung Galaxy series. Next, about the r/w permission, if you can find the exact file or folder, you should be able to alter the permission using “chmod ” command from terminal.

  15. I have htc one v.. i have installed multiling keyboard. and also installed plugin-bengali.. on my phone begali font shows but the spelling are not correct… what is the problem??

  16. Via amar Samsung galaxy tab 2 browser e banglaa dekhi kintu Facebook e ulta faalta dekhai . Likhteo pari na. Please help

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