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In its early days in market, I got myself a G1! The T-Mobile G1 based on Google’s Android operating system! Back then, my only intention was to explore the technology. I don’t know exactly what in particular attracted me to G1, but,  I was somewhat disgusted with the ongoing iPhone ™ craze!

Anyways, few months after getting my new G1, when I finally got time to play with my phone, I realised , “It’s the ultimate machine I was looking for!” It’s black, its strong, it’s with QWERTY , and on top of all, it’s skinnable, enhancable and all sorts thing you can think of! This became my new best friend!

few weeks later, searching for apps for the android machine, I discovered a mod pack, people working hard to release a modified version of the Android ROM. Well, there you go! the power of Open Source!!!

That night, I planned to give it a try! next morning, we were going for a trip to the famous “Brecon” park in Wales! So, didn’t have time! Unfortunately,  something terrible happened there. My dearest mobile machines ever, had a good shower in fountain water. Needless to say, I slipped in the water and my buddy (G1) was in my pocket! I removed it, shook it, tried to dry and prayed so it works! It even worked for few weeks till the point when it finally DIED!!! Died, in a sense that it was not turning on anymore! With broken heart, tearful eyes and desperate to get him back, I ran to the T-mobile store! The lady over there uttered the cruel most word-combination, “Probably Liquid Contamination”; liquid it was, I know and from my interaction with electronics, I did very well know, it won’t come back!

Still, desperate me sent the phone for servicing. 1 week later the phone was in store again, I rushed to pick up! NOPE, not working! Rather, this time a certified (official) note saying many things! The summary was “My buddy is dead!” . It was winter. Very cold and my boiler broke down. So, I was using a room heater, don’t know how, but, my phone was very close to the small electric fan heater. In the morning, when I saw the phone next to heater, unconsciously, I picked up and

” YESSSSSSSSS, it was live again!!!!!!!! ” . This time, I performed an open heart surgery; I opened the out-of-warranty G1 and used all my engineering (!!!) to get to the liquid indicator and dried the whole machine. Believe it or not!! Since, last September, ’09, THIS IS STILL working!!!

And finally this week after hours of experiment, I finally installed CyanogenMod with Enoch theme set!!!

I think, I am now one of the happiest phone owners. This is not only my phone, it’s my dearest electronics machine!!!

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