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Thought provoking easy reading

Book NameAuthor(s)More on Google Books
The Inmates are Running the AsylumA. Cooper9780672316494
Turn the Ship Around!L. Marquet9780241373675
The Phoenix ProjectGene Kim, et al9781942788300
The Unicorn ProjectGene Kim9781942788775
AccelerateN. Forsgen, J. Humble, G. Kim9781942788355
Just CultureS. Dekker9781409440604

What good looks like?

Book NameAuthor(s)More on Google Books
Building MicroservicesS. Newman9781491950333
Continuous DeliveryD. Farley, J. Humble9780321670229
DevOps: A Software Architect’s PerspectiveL. Bass, I. Weber, L. Zhu9780134049878
Essential ScrumK.S Rubin9780137043293
Leading the TransformationG. Gruver, T. Mouser9781942788027
Measure what mattersJ. Doerr9780525536239
Practical DevOpsJ. Verona9781785886522
Product LeadershipM. Eriksson, N. Walkingshaw, R. Banfield9781491960578
Radical CandorK. Scott9781509845354
Site Reliability EngineeringN. Murphy, B. Beyer, C. Jones, J. Petoff9781491929117
The Coaching HabitM. Stanier9780978440749
The Lean Product PlaybookD. Olsen9781118961025
The Scrum Field GuideM. Lacey (2015)9780133853711


WhitepaperJay krepsThe Log: What every software engineer should know about real-time data’s unifying abstraction


David Schmitz10 Tips for failing badly at MicroservicesVoxxed Days Vienna 2017
Stefan Tilkov“Good Enough” ArchitectureGOTO Conf. 2019

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