Recitations from “The Madman” by “Kahlil Gibran”

“The Madman” is one of my most favourite books I ever read. Here I share a video from YouTube, where the narrator reads from the book,  first published in 1918, almost a century ago [Gibran, 1918].

In this timeless piece, what I like most is Gibran’s attempts to shrug-off the superficial, ornate, pretentious self and the drive to embrace the true Self. Continue reading “Recitations from “The Madman” by “Kahlil Gibran””

The arrival of autonomous robot mom : Another step towards the Sci-Fi reality?

Self-development and resulting improvement of the species have long been at the core of human activities. Interestingly, such traits are somewhat familiar in all areas of animal kingdom. One of the greatest attributes of intelligent animals is that of “adaptation”.  We, humans can adapt, and so can many other species. Imagine some robots adapting to the environment or job requirements. Continue reading “The arrival of autonomous robot mom : Another step towards the Sci-Fi reality?”

On the question of GM Food

Consumers today are more aware of the product they purchase than ever before. Thanks to many social activist groups and anti-GMO campaigners, increasing amount of shoppers are aware of “genetically modified organisms” (read GM Food) and are more inclined to purchase organic (!!!) food. For long, the debate of organic vs GMO has puzzled me. Recently,  I found this astounding talk (from 2013) by Prof. Jimmy Botella on the question of GM Food.  Continue reading “On the question of GM Food”

Science-v0.1 : An Early Adopters Release :)

There was a time when the term “scientist” carried an image of a senior person with glasses and lab coat working in a lab with some apparatus. Misleading it was, but at least that’s what our children’s story books, TV-cartoon, popular media had been teaching our youngsters (you may recall Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown, Ph.D.).

I had corrected my teenage concept of scientists during my undergrad years. I’ve got used to seeing scientists with nicer suits and polished shoes, without a lab coat. Continue reading “Science-v0.1 : An Early Adopters Release :)”